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North Herts Bowls Club Welcomes to our web site. If you are interested in our activities, please contact the Secretary.

The club plays on the Lower Green at Norton Common, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

 Our post code is SG6 4UE


We cater for people who wish to bowl without the restrictions of serious competition. We are a friendly club and all members, whatever their bowling abilities, are given equal opportunities to play. 

Membership is subject to the approval of the committee.


Anyone, experienced or novice, who wishes to join, should contact the secretary on 01462 635810 or email simontory@ntlworld.com.    


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Last Edited : 20 September 2023





Welcome to 2023


I'm keeping my little man for 2023.



New Bowlers Welcome



As with any club we need new bowlers to keep the club going so if anyone has someone who would like to try, get them to give a committee member a call. Also if reading this but don't know who to call then please ring our secretary, His numbers above, you will be most welcome.




Bowls website

.  Pictures from the presentation dinner are on here but i have a problem getting them all the same size so they may look different to normal.

Again anyone with ideas for the website then please let me know.


Dates for your 2023 Diaries


Chairman's Day 1030 22nd Sept Green
AGM 1400 12th Oct  Clubhouse
Presentation Dinner 1200 for 1230 16th Nov Letchworth Golf club
 Andy's Christmas Quiz TBA 19th Dec  Clubhouse

Just added my Christmas Quiz



Finals Day 2023


Finals day took place on Saturday 02nd Sept and the results are on the right of the page. Now I compile these but as i was playing or marking some of the time , its difficult for me to write anything of the games i didn't take part in so anyone wish to update me on  how the games went or other such material, then please email me and i will update.


As for the day itself , well it started off quite cool and cloudy but in the afternoon someone turned the heat up and the sun shone and made for a very warm day. A BIG thanks to Paul, aided by Lynne who again organised the day brilliantly ,  Also thanks to those who helped by setting up and taking things down

Note I have now managed to get some pictures of Finals Day on the website


Well done one and all

With the last game postponed it meant that we finished the season having played 30 games , winning 18 and only losing 12. According to my records , this is the first time since 2015 (and i dont know before tehn) that we have won more than we have lost! My records only go back to 2016 so not sure before that. So a very good season !!!!!


Last Game of season 20/09/23


With the prospect of heavy rain and winds i discussed with the 3 horseshoes captain the evening before and we decided we wouldn't play, at 1200 with no Rain i thought whoops i have got this wrong but by 1215 it started to rain and has done since so hopefully the right decision.


Game v Fairfield 16/09/23



Unfortunately the day did not go well for NHBC as we lost this match with an overall score of 37-56. We were beaten 
comfortably on three out of four rinks with the NHBC teams struggling to come to terms with a Fairfield Green that 
most agreed was "very quick." 
Our one success was played out on Rink 1. With the score standing 13-8 in Fairfields favour and with one end to 
play. NHBC's team performed a mini miracle managing to score six on the last end to come out the winners with a 
score of 14-13! Well done. Report by Paul Riseborough


Teams were

Gill C, Lynne and Robin lost 11-18

Linda, Chin and Brian lost 6-13

Sue, Derek and John Atk lost 6-12 

Len, Simon and Paul won 14-13

Overall Score Lost 37-56


Season Results    P30 W18 L12 Drew 0. PP 6


Game v Royston 07/09/23


On the hottest day ever recorded in September we travelled to Royston with Captain Lynne advising that we would probably play 14 ends because of the heat. We were playing on 3 rinks as we could only turn out 9 players. But what players they were, 6 of the 9 could play as skip and the other 3 were could easily play as number 2 so a strong team. At the halfway stage (7 ends) we stopped for a well earned cuppa and some lovely Swiss roll and biscuits in there clubhouse with the most welcome air conditioning. I did compare to our clubhouse by saying our air condition were holes in the roof. Anyway we were winning on all 3 rinks and the Captains decided that we would play a further 5 ends and call it a day.


Teams were

Sue, Lynne and Jeff won 16-8

Rae, John Atk, and Paul won 17-6

Chin, Derek and Andy won 16-10 

Overall Score Won 49-24


Season Results    P29 W18 L11 Drew 0. PP 3


Game v Hitchin 04/09/23


Well the first game after finals day and it proved to be a bit of after the lord mares show as we didn't really perform at all. Following on from the hot sunny afternoon of the Saturday, it proved to be even hotter and Captain Jeff and there Captain decided on 14 ends instead of 18 and what a good choice this was. I shall use Jeff's summing up of the game in which it stated it was a game of two half's and unfortunately we lost them both,  I should add on my team how well Sue Douglas bowled , unfortunately me and Lynne couldn't help her. 


Teams were

Gill, Linda and Paul Lost 13-14

Len, Tony and Brian lost 10-14

Rae, Derek and Jeff lost 12-16

Sue, Lynne and Andy lost 10-19 

Overall Score lost 43-63


Season Results    P28 W17 L11 Drew 0. PP 3


Gill, Linda and Paul managed to lose by only 1 point 13 - 14, while Len, Tony and Brian lost 10 -14 and Rae, Derek and Jeff lost 12 - 16. Sue, Lynne and Andy went down 10 - 19 making the overall loss as 45 - 63. 



Game v Stotfold 24/08/23


Lynne kindly took over as captain for this game from me and we were playing on 4 rinks. Unfortunately we lost the game by 1 point so very close.


Teams were

 Malc, Tricia and Robin won 18-10

Gill D, Linda and John Atk drew 17-17

Mike, Ann and Brian lost 12-16

Len, Chin and Lynne lost 11-16

Overall Score lost 58-59


Season Results    P27 W17 L10 Drew 0. PP 3


Game v Stevenage 21/08/23


Paul was captain today for our 3 rink match. I enjoy playing at Stevenage as being a kid at heart i enjoy watching the planes as they fly over on there way to land at Luton. We also had the added bonus of some cookies and cakes at the half time interval which contributed to a very friendly game. We also won on all 3 rinks so a good day.


Teams were

 Derek, Lynne and John Atk won 17-8

Rae, Pete and Andy won 19-12

Chin, Tony and Paul won 36-7

Overall Score won 72-27


Season Results    P26 W17 L9 Drew 0. PP 3


Game v Howard Gardens 19/08/23


A rare Saturday game saw us take on Howard Gardens and come away with another win under the captaincy of Lynne. 


Teams were

 Len, Lynne and John Atk won 25-8

Linda, Tony G and Brian lost 11-21

Rae, Derek and Paul won 14-12

Overall Score Won 50-41


Season Results    P25 W16 L9 Drew 0. PP 3


Game v St Ippolyts 17/08/23


This game has been cancelled as St Ippolyts couldn't get a side, last year they had a Cup competition so cancelled and the last 3 home games we were due to play against them were cancelled as they couldn't field team. This to be discussed at committee. 


Fish and Chip night 15/08/23


Paul organised this evening and i still cant remember what its called but it was excellently organised and everyone had fun, The winners were Robin and Linda who i believe romped home easily. We then had some lovely fish and chips and the raffle made about 81 at the first count. A very enjoyable evening 


Game v Sandy 9/8/23


Captain Pauls report read, Not our best day of bowls, quite possibly it was the worst result of the season so enough said.


Teams were

 Steve, Mike and Lynne lost 8-21

Len, Ann and Jeff lost 10-19

Malc, Chin and Trish lost 9-18

Alan , Tony and Paul lost 9-27

Overall Score lost 36-85


Season Results    P24 W15 L9 Drew 0. PP 2



Game v Buntingford  7/8/23


I Love playing Buntingford as i make a day of it, Brunch at Baldock, Quick 30 min drive , unless you go the Pete Moss way , Coffee in the high street and then on to the club where the 7 dwarfs are carved into the bushes, Brilliant! Anyway onto the game , which was under the captaincy of Mr Jeff, Buntinford had put down there protective mats as they had a lot of important games coming up. Anyway after about 6 ends i stopped trying to pick them up after bowling and they became part of the green. Does anyone else think they need picking up after you bowl , probably just me. Anyway we went on to win on 3 rinks with just the one defeat on a lovely day, played in Captains Jeff words a very friendly manner.


Teams were

 Pete Moss, Simon and Mike won 29-20

Peggy, Tricia and Andy won 19-17

Sue, Barbara and John A won 20--14

Steve Field, Chin and Jeff lost 12-23

Overall Score Won  80-74


Season Results    P23 W15 L8 Drew 0. PP 2



Competitions Update


Well i think we have all finished our 1st/2nd round matches and Mr Paul has completed the draw for the Harold Hardy. See Competitions page. One notable result this week was Chin knocking out John Atkinson in a very close game. Simon said that was the best he had ever seen Chin Bowl. Well done Chin, Unlucky John.


Game v Fairfield 3/8/23


 Lynne kindly stepped in as Captain for me on this game , so many thanks to her. She also probably did better than i would have done as we came away with a win. Well Done Lynne, The only downside was that Fairfield won all the raffle prizes.


Teams were

 Paul, Chin and Linda Drew 15-15

Jeff Pete M and Simon won 20-11

John Atk, Gill C and Sue D won 15-9

Robin, Brian and Rose won 12-10

Overall Score Won  62-45


Season Results    P22 W14 L8 Drew 0. PP 2


Game v Datchworth 2/8/23


Cancelled due to Rain


Season Results    P21 W13 L8 Drew 0. PP 2



Triples Update


Johns team have finished playing there games ending up with 3 wins, 1 draw and a lose giving them 7 points. Brian's team currently undefeated having played 3 , winning 2 and drawing the other (5 Points). Paul, Mine, Jeff and Robins team are fighting for last place with only 1 win each (2 Points) with 2 to play but Jeff has 3 left to play so could be an outsider for the title or the wooden spoon!


Match v Willian 27/07/23


This was a very nice meeting with our friends from Willian but not a great result for us.Sue Douglas, Chin Tory and Brian Hutchings never lead the game and lost by 10 - 13, Rose Mitchell, Lynne Brown and Andy Denniss Started well but soon lost their rhythm and lost 4 - 20, and Len Saples, Robin Edmett and Jeff Tebbutt had a game where the lead kept changing but ended up losing 11 - 12. Congratulations to Willian on a well earned win. (Report by Jeff)

Teams Were

Brian, Chin & Sue lost 3-10

Andy, Lynne & Rose lost 4-20

Jeff, Robin & Len lost 11-12

Overall Score Lost 18-42


Season Results    P21 W13 L8 Drew 0. PP 1



Match v Stevenage 26/07/23


Well it had to come to an end as our run of winning games ended against Stevenage. A blustery day but stayed dry as we entertained them. We had two close games which saw Paul narrowly lose but Robin continued his fine form to get a win. As for my team , well it didn't help that the skip, i.e. Me was rubbish, the worst ive bowled for a long time, sorry. Anyway it was played in a good spirit and most enjoyed (Apart from me)


Teams Were

Robin, Derek & Malc Won 17-14

Paul, Lynne & Sue lost 14-15

Andy, Pete M & Gill Lost 11-25

Overall Score Lost 42-54


Season Results    P20 W13 L7 Drew 0. PP 1




Competitions Update


The competitions are going well with just a couple delayed due to player unavailability but they are scheduled so no problems. Surprise results , Chin beat Andy in the Tembey quite easily and bowled well. Also Derek beat Jeff in the Tembey. Paul however looks favourite for this though and also for the singles after he beat Jeff in a close game. Paul took an early lead but Jeff fought back but Paul steadied himself to win. In the triples, the games are slowly being played and my team are currently the only team with a 100% record, but we have only played one ! John Atkinson's team have played 3 , winning2 and drawing the other. But it looks like any team can beat anyone so will see how it goes. The Pairs are progressing as well with I think the favourites Mike and Brian for this. The over 75's progressing well and I will make Robin my favourite for this as he seems to be bowling well this year.  Well just a quick round up and sorry if I have made people favourites and put the curse on them !


Match v Holwell 19/07/23


 Holwell couldn't field a team again. My records show they have cancelled 3 out of the last 4 years !


Match v Letchworth 12/07/23


We entertained our local friends from Letchworth today on a bit of an overcast day but just about right to play bowls. We had won our last 6 games so would the good form continue. Robins team , with Lynne and Simon were always in control of this match. My team were in an up and down game but managed to end up winning in a very close game.

In the final game , again another very close encounter saw Paul's team  19-19 draw. The only downside was a hefty shower that suspended play for 10 minutes in the second half but a good and enjoyable game


Teams Were

Len, John A and Andy Won 14-13

Simon, Lynne and Robin Won 18-14

Alan b, Chin and Paul Drew 19-19


Overall Score Won 51-46


Season Results    P19 W13 L6 Drew 0. PP 1


Match v Hitchin 10/07/23


What can you say about this game, it had everything. Lets start with Paul's Team , they got off to a brilliant start and were 8-0 up only not to score another point in the remaining ends. My team were also 8-0 up after 5 ends but continued there good form or should i say had loads of luck. There skip was quite a good bowler but whenever he hit the jack it went to our team but if we hit it it went to us, just our lucky day. Jeff's team were 6-0 down after 5 ends but battled on and with Simon playing his first game for a year went on to win. Welcome back Simon.


Teams Were

Derek, Lynne and Paul lost 8-28

Gill C, Tony G and Andy won 23-7

Rae, Simon and Jeff won 18-10


Overall Score Won 49-45


Season Results    P18 W12 L6 Drew 0. PP 1



Match v Shepalbury 06/07/23


Confusion reigned in this match when Shepalbury turned up with 12 players for a 1430 start. The only trouble was they had phoned us to say they could only get 9 players so we had reduced our team to 9 players. Anyway they decided that they would play 3 rinks and then make a couple of subs after 9 ends  At the halfway stage we were losing overall by 2 shots , we were winning on two rinks but my team were getting hammered 3-13. We were losing at whitethorn at half time so i was hoping for a better 2nd half. John Wiggs back was causing him a problem so Len stepped in after doing the teas. My teams form continued , unfortunately still bad and we found ourselves 20-4 down after 12 ends,  However we had a bit of a fight back and scored 11 in our last 4 ends. Brian and his team were having an up and down time. 14-14 after 15 ends, winning by 3 on the last end before being caught at the final hurdle for a draw in a very close game. Jeff's team winning 7-5 at half time continued to dominate and won 22-9. This result means we have won our last 5 matches.


Teams Were

Malc, Linda and Brian drew 18-18

Gill, Lynne and Jeff won 22-9

Rae, John w/Len and Andy lost 16-21

Overall Score Won 56-48


Season Results    P17 W11 L6 Drew 0. PP 1


Match v Whitethorn 05/07/23


A nice afternoon for bowling , away to Whitethorn , where i had my first bowls match about 35 years ago. I obviously didn't carry on otherwise i would be a better bowler. But at least i thought i would be the only one who had played on the green that long ago. How wrong i was as my fellow skip had been a member for 50 odd years and you could tell as he was a better bowler than me. We won on two rinks and lost on two but our wins were bigger than there's so we recorded another victory under Lynne's captaincy. The other good news was we won the 1st 3 raffle prizes!


Teams Were

John Atk, Gill and Rae won 21-10

Brian, Derek and Barbara Won 14-10

Andy, Lynne and Len lost 19-22

Paul, chin and Peggy lost 9-19


Overall Score Won 63-61


Season Results    P16 W10 L6 Drew 0. PP 1




Last weeks bowls


I was right about the Howard Gardens game it means that we won all our 3 games last week. Well done North Herts Bowls Club !


Match v Howard Gardens 01/07/23


Jeff's report follows

We had a very enjoyable afternoon bowling at Howard Gardens. The weather was just right for bowls and we were made very welcome. Gill Crane, Linda Clark and Brian Hutchins were 4 - 8 down at the break but turned it around after tea to win 16-12. Rae Glenn, Lynne Brown and Paul Riseborough won 18 - 13 and Chin Tory, Tony Glenn and Jeff Tebbutt won 27 - 9 with Chin bowling well in spite of an insect attack on her hand. Overall we won by 61 - 34 and enjoyed the teatime doughnuts.


Teams Were

Gill, Linda and Brian Won 16-12

Rae, Lynne and Paul Won 18-13

Chin, Tony G and Jeff won 27-9


Overall Score Won 61-34


Season Results    P15 W9 L6 Drew 0. PP 1




Match v Sandy 29/06/23


Paul was Captain for this game and he reports that although we lost on 2 rinks a very impressive result from team 1 meant that we finished up winners. Team 4 were winning by 6 shots on the last end but losing by two when there skip knocked our wood out so they won the end by 6 meaning a draw.

Teams were :-


Gill, John Wigg and Robin won 24-4

Len, Linda and Paul lost 14-16

Rose, Chin and Brian lost 14-21

Rae, Lynne and Jeff drew 15-15


Overall Score Won 67-56


Season Results    P14 W8 L6 Drew0. PP 1



Match v Buntingford 26/06/23


Well lets start with the email i sent to all of the players to remind them of the game. On the original email I put the 38th July , until I was corrected by Ann who advised me that it was the 28th. Doh ! so sent another with the 28th on it. Ann then reminded me that it was June and not July and by then i hoped everyone would realise !


Anyway onto the game and dare i say this was the PERFECT afternoon. The weather was cloudy but warm and no Sun to blind you and off we went.

The scores were going really well at the halfway stage as we were winning on two rinks, losing on two but Paul's team were winning 23-1 so giving us a lead of 45-23, now surely even we me as captain, we couldn't blow that lead !

Anyway tea came, but not your normal tea, It was Paul's Birthday and Lynne had arranged a Birthday cake, a Card and some other munchies. So after singing happy birthday to him we tucked into a lovely bit of cake. Now this is the bit I don't believe. WE are not going to mention his age but this was the 52nd time he had celebrated being 21. I don't believe he is that age but birthday cakes with 73 on don't lie!

Back to the game, it was bit of role reversal in the second half. Paul's team who only lost 1 end in the front 9 only won 2 ends in the back 9. Lynne's team who were losing 4-8 at the halfway stage romped home in the back 9 losing only 3 end. My team which were losing 7-9 at halftime only lost 1 end on the last 9 ends with Steve Field making his debut as a NHBC bowler and he did ok. The only team who consistently played well were Robins who were leading 12-5 and went onto win easily.

So as i say a Perfect day, Buntingford were very friendly, we won on all 4 rinks, the weather was just right and we helped Paul to celebrate his birthday.

Teams were :-


Steve, Gill and Andy Won 24-11

Len, Derek and Lynne Won 20-12

Ann, Tony and Paul Won 26-11

Sue, Rae and Robin won 22-14


Overall Score Won 92-48


Season Results    P13 W7 L6 Drew0. PP 1


New Tembey & Singles winners


Both Defending Champions fell at the first hurdle this year as Andy was beaten by Paul in the singles and John Wiggs lost to Andy in the Tembey so new winners this year in both competitions.


Match v Royston 23/06/23


 On Royston's request, this game was reduced to 3 rinks instead of 4 and they nust have kept only there good players as we were on the receiving end of a hammering.  However Captain Jeff reported that it was played in a good spirit and was very enjoyable. Best result coming from Rae, Tricia and Jeff who lost by 4.


Teams were :-


Rae, Tricia and Jeff lost 13-17

Mike, John W and Robin Lost 7-26

Ann, Tony G and John Atk lost 9-23


Overall Score Lost 26-66


Season Results    P12 W6 L6 Drew0. PP 1


Match v Stotfold 15/06/23


On a warm and sunny afternoon the match was agreed by Paul (Our Captain) and there's to be played over 16 ends instead of the normal 18.

We were a bit short of players so the final place was taken by Tricia and Mike who played 8 ends each as well as doing the tea ! Anyway it was a good afternoon for us as we finished up winning. Well done all.


Teams were :-


Sue, Linda and Jeff won 16-12

Alan, Chin and John Atk won 17-4

Len, John W and Brian lost 12-15

Tricia/Mike , Pete and Paul won 19-13


Overall Score Won 66-44


Season Results    P11 W6 L5 Drew0. PP 1


Hospice Evening 13/06/23


Unfortunately , and why do i start a sentence with unfortunately when i can't spell it, thank god for spell checker, anyway i was on holiday but from all reports it was brilliantly organised by Lynne Brown. The usual game of bowls to start and one of our new members ,  Alan O'Mahony finished on the winning side so was very happy with his first social evening. Anyway the main purpose of the evening was to raise money for the Hospice, Which we did and raised just over 250 which was a great result. Lynne thanked all who helped , especially in the Kitchen where Sue, Tricia and Chin did a great job but the main thanks must go to Lynne for a job well done. 


Match v Melbourne 12/06/23


On a very humid afternoon, the match was reduced to 16 ends and in a very close match. Two Melbourne players suffered a fall but believed to be ok in a game which was played in a good spirit and described by Captain Jeff as being very enjoyable. Best result was from Mike, Pete and John W who played in the only shady spot.


Teams were :-


Mike ,Pete and John Wiggs  won 22-8

Gill D, Tricia and Jeff won 12-11

Sue, Chin and Derek lost 11-16

Peggy, Barbara and Lynne lost 5-17


Overall Score lost 50-52


Season Results    P10 W5 L5 Drew0. PP 1



Match v Welwyn and District  9/06/23

W&D could only field 3 triples so Lynne became a non playing Captain and i was dropped which enabled me to get hammered by Paul in the singles but that's another story.

At W&D one game was won by 1 point and another lost by 1 point so two very close games. However Robins team won by 8 shots so a good win for us was achieved on a very hot afternoon meaning that so far we have won more games than we have lost.


Teams were :-


Robin, John Wiggs and Mike won 15-7

John Atk, Tricia and Len won 15-14

Jeff, Derek and Gill Crane lost 12-13


Overall Score Won 42-34


Season Results    P9 W5 L4 Drew0. PP 1


Match v Shepalbury 8/06/23


Well we finally lost that cold easterly wind so it became quite hot on the green with this encounter. They always start with a Spider for charity and it is for the Letchworth hospice which we are doing out charity night for on the 13/06/23. Peter Moss won it and he said that in all the years he's been bowling, it was the first time he had won one.


Anyway onto the bowls and after 4 ends we were 1 shot up on the 4 rinks but sadly we couldn't carry on in that form. At the halftime interval we were trailing by 7 shots and stopped for a much needed cuppa. However this didn't spur us on , Jeff's team made a bit of a recovery. Robins team did well to draw and Paul's team lost by 1 shot in a good game. Sadly my team went from bad to worse and ended up getting hammered.


Teams were :-


Andy, Lynne and Sue Lost 11-27

Jeff , xxxx, and xxxx  Lost 14-18

Robin , xxxx and xxxx drew 14-14

Paul, xxxx and xxxx Lost 15-16


Overall Score Lost 54-75


Season Results    P8 W4 L4 Drew0. PP 1


Match v Datchworth 31/05/23


This game against Datchworth was a close encounter with us winning two end but unfortunately losing the other two by a bigger margin so a loss by 62-67.


Teams were :-


Uknown at this moment


Overall Score Lost 62-67


Season Results    P7 W4 L3 Drew0. PP 1


Match v Three Horseshoes 25/05/23


My first game as Captain this year so hopefully we could continue our winning Streak. Having selected the teams the next big decision was to wear a jumper or not. I elected to wear one, the weather was a bit cloudy with a bit of a wind so i felt justified.


Anyway after the first end we were winning on 2 and losing on 2 so all to play for. My team then conceded a 5 but gained a 4 next end so it was quite tight but a high scoring game. However conceding a 3 on the 9th end meant that we would go in losing by 5 shots. Lynne team seemed to be doing ok winning most ends and at the half way stage were 10-4 up.


Now the other two games had some interesting scores. Paul's team scored a 7 on the 4th end to put them 9-1 up so victory was only going to be to Paul's team. However 6 ends later at Tea Paul's team was losing 11-9. So they were stuck on 9 for 6 ends. The other game saw Jeff as captain on his return from the USA. However it hadn't done his teams bowls any good as they were losing 16-4 at tea. So Half Time and we were losing by 12 shots overall.


Half time and it was time for biscuits and tea, kindly supplied by Rose and Jan, hopefully this would get the teams going. 


Lynne's team continued there ways and finished up winning 19-12. My team didn't really get going after tea so we ended up losing 21-12. Jeff's team did provide a fight back but still lost by 10 which left Paul's game. He stayed on 9 for the next end but then his team got it together to come out 17-15 winners in what was a very close game.


Teams were :-


Andy, Peter and Gill Davey lost 12-21

Mike, Chin and Jeff  Lost 12-22

Lynne, Robin and Len won 19-12

Paul, Tricia and Sue won 17-15


Overall Score Lost 60-70


Season Results    P6 W4 L2 Drew0. PP 1




Match v St Ippolyts 24/05/23


Match Cancelled as St Ippolyts couldn't field a team.


Season Results    P6 W4 L1 Drew0. PP 1



Match V Steeple Morden 19/05/23


Captain Paul secured his 2nd win in two days winning 59-50 , It looks like all games were close with only 1 point in it apart from Paul's team who won by 11 so a very good result.


Teams were :-


Sue, Tony and Brian lost 13-14

Gill, John and Robin Lost14-15

Rae, Chin and Lynne Drew 11-11

Alan, Derek and Paul won 21-10


Season Results    P5 W4 L1 Drew0. PP 0



Match v Sandy 18/05/23


Paul kindly stepped as Captain for me on this game and secured a good win against Sandy. It looks like the loss the previous day did not affect confisence with us winning 50-44


Teams were :-


Mike, Pete and Robin Won 18-13

Trish ,Chin and Lynne won 18-14

Len, Gill and Paul Lost 14-17


Season Results    P4 W3 L1 Drew0. PP 0



Match v Letchworth 17/05/23


Well obviously the Social the night before must have tired our team out as we took a hammering at near neighbours Letchworth. Paul's team did best with a 15-15 draw but the rest were well beaten giving an overall score of 36-92.


Teams were :-


Lynne, Chin and Sue Lost 6-33

Robin, Derek and Mike Lost 6-22

John, Gill and Malc Lost 9-22

Paul, Brian and Peggy Drew 15-15


Season Results    P3 W2 L1 Drew0. PP 0


Gowls Social Evening


We Played a game of Golf on the green but instead of clubs the woods were aimed at 12 holes (well not actually holes ,Brian wouldn't let me dig the green Up! so we aimed at 12 pins, Like golf some long, some short. eight teams of two took Part and 1 point awarded for being within 1 metre, Two teams scored 34 point each , so like Golf the winners were decide by the last three pins score. This meant that Peter and Rae beat Robin and Sylvia. Following this we were inside for a cuppa and a share out of the food that people brought along. A raffle was held and it must be my raffle year as i again won three prizes again. Hopefully all agreed it was a good night and enjoyed the Gowls.


Match v Riverain 04/05/23


So the second game of the season and it saw new captain Jeff take on Riverain in a home fixture, The weather was good and it saw us win our second game of the season winning 55-37 so a very good result especially as we had lost every game against them since at least 2016, My Records only start in 2017 and we lost then and every game since.


Teams were :-


Mike, Gill and Brian Lost 12-18

Tricia, Chin and Paul Won 23-8

Sue, Linda and Jeff Won 20-13


Season Results    P2 W2 L0 Drew0

Match v Holwell 03/05/23


Ok the first game of the season and Captain Lynne selected the teams against the ever friendly Howell Team. The weather was dry and sunny but a bit chilly, well i kept my coat on, and off we went. A bit of a slow start by us as after the first end we didn't have a point on all three rinks and no points as we finished the 2nd end on two rinks but John Atkinson's team secured our first point of the season.

However we all carried on and as half time approached we were coming into it a bit more. After 10 ends we stopped for tea. My team were losing by two, Paul's team lagging by six points but Johns team  winning by ten so we were winning overall by two. Following a nice Cuppa , and Ann won the football card , we proceeded back onto the green.  Our Game was nip and tuck with us winning and then the opposition winning  and it ended up 17-17. Paul's team performed remarkably well and recovered to win by two and Johns team just carried on and won by 11. So it finished as a 13 point win from our first game of the season so well done all.


Teams were:- 


Paul's Team Paul, Rae and Ann

Andy's team, Andy, Malcolm and  Chin

Johns Team John, Lynne and Len

      Season Results    P1 W1 L0 D0

 25th April First Social

Jeff's first season as Captain and his first go at organising a social event and what a good job he did. There were 6 teams competing and 3 games of 4 ends with 3 points awarded for being 1 metre from the jack and 1 point for 2 meters. 

The weather was again kind and it was sunny but having said that a bit chilly as the teams competed for the famous beer mats (That was the prizes). At the end the points were tallied up and the winners were, Malcolm Summerville, Peter Moss and Robin Edmett  who I believe scored around the 160 points mark , with the 2nd team having 142, so a big winning margin. 

Following the bowls we were treated to some nice hot soup , which was needed after the chilly conditions. This was then followed by some rather large portions of cake and a nice cupper. The raffle went well, I would say that I won 3 times, and we ended up making over 100 profit for the club. So very well done Jeff and all his helpers.

24th Apr and we are off !

The weather was kind on the opening day and 3 rinks occupied for the first bowl up of the year, For those that bowled indoors during the winter , he going was very hard but people soon adapted for some much need practice.







Due to the number of teams entering this year , the triples only had one league so it was decided the winner of the Competition would be the team with the most points having played all of there games.


Today (29/08) saw Brain Hutchings, Chin Tory and Derek Gilder become the 2023 triples competition winner finishing with 9 points to top the Table, Second place went to John Atkinson's team of Him, Tony Glenn and Mike Jeffreys, three teams finished on 4 points but goal difference meant Third team was Jeff Tebbutt, Linda Clark and Len Staples. Fourth were Andy Denniss, Lynne Brown and Malcolm Summerville. Fifth were Paul Riseborough, Tricia Jeffreys and Rae Glenn, whilst the wooden spoon went to Robin Edmett, Gill Crane and Sue Douglas finishing with 2 points. So Big Congratulations to Brian's team.




This game was between Myself and Peter Moss v Brian Hutchings and Mike Jeffreys.  A very close first 9 ends saw the score fairly even but a five on one end to Andy and Pete saw them take the lead and managed to hold on to the end to win 21-11.



I marked this game and after an even start John Atkinson took the lead from out chairman Brian Hutchings and despite his best efforts  Brian was unable to mount a recovery and John wnet on to win 23-7





This years finalists were Paul Riseborough and Chin Tory. Chin again continued her fine form that she has been in all year and gave Paul a tough game that but his experience managed to get a win 16-10.




Finalists - Andy Denniss and Robin Edmett
Each player has four bowls and the match is played as the best of three sets. The first player to score 7 wins the set.

The first set won by myself 8-3 and the second set went to a decisive end. Robin was bowling very well and when i put in a good wood, he seemed to be able to find a better one, Anyway at 6-6 in the second set i managed to get a lucky couple in to win 8-6 but a very good game of high quality. 


OVER 75's 



Finalists this year were Robin Edmett & Pete Moss. A repeat of last year ?
This competition is played over 12 ends with each player having 3 bowls each.
Pete said that this was closer than last year but with Robin bowling very well Robin was able to win the match 11-8




Finalists Rose Mitchell and Linda Clark v Steve Field and Jeff Tebbutt


The first to ten in the 2 wood Pairs and Steve Field in his first year with the club came out successful with Jeff winning 10-5. To celebrate his win Steve went on a four week cruise the next day, What will he do if he wins the singles ?





It looks like this was a good game with Simon Tory just edging out Gill Crane 7-4  






This game was played on Monday 11th Sept at 1430 due to fixture congestion on Finals Day. On a pleasant day Andy Denniss and John Atkinson fought it out for the Whitworth Trophy which is the winner of this years singles (John) v last years singles Winner (me).  Now after two ends it was 1-1 and then i took a 4 so a commanding lead, However John took a 3 on the next end and never looked back really as he sailed into a commanding lead and finished up winning 21-8. Normally i would say John had all the Luck but he didn't, he just bowled a lot better than i did so no complaints from me. Congratulations John.